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Andrea Williams Apostolic Ministries

Andrea Williams Apostolic Ministries (AWAM) is an extension of Andrea J Williams ministry. It is designed to strengthen, encourage and help men and women, especially those called to leadership, fulfill the original intent of God for their lives.

AWAM is a relational community and is for those of like heart and vision whom God has called together to accomplish a divine purpose.

AWAM is also the governing organization through which people seeking ordination from their alignment with Apostle Andrea Williams would take place.

Partners are individuals, families, businesses and churches who faithfully and periodically sow some level of financial support, in addition to prayer, into AWAM.

“Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.” – Philippians 4:17

When you partner with Andrea Williams Apostolic Ministries, not only are you joining with us –but are we also joining with you! 

When we all stand together in partnership, our individual anointings, giftings and missions combine and become one.


***Details soon on how you can become a Partner with AWAM***